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Welcome & thank you for clicking on my website. My name is Sarah and I am a Health and Fitness professional from the United States. After completing my Master of Science degree in Health, Exercise, and Sport Science, I moved to Germany. Since arriving in Frankfurt in 2015, I have loved sharing my passion for exercise and healthy living with my clients. Currently, I am studying Osteopathic Medicine at College Sutherland in Wiesbaden, and will complete my studies July 2023.

Both professionally and personally, my interests revolve around living an active clean-living lifestyle not only for me, but also for my son. It has been through my own pregnancy journey that I fully understood the importance and benefits of exercise before, during, and after pregnancy.

I will be your advocate for a healthy and fit lifestyle. No matter if you are pre or post baby, it is never too late to start your fitness journey. Together with over 13 years of experience as a personal trainer and nutritional coach, I provide a fun, safe, and effective training experience to all my clients.

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