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Sarah Stein specializes in telling stories to children and families,
but adults also enjoy her stories.

Sarah Stein Programs
New Sarah Stein Video
Program "Laughter and Tears" Sarah Stein Synagogue Heubach, Germany

”Laughter and Tears” at the formerly Heubach Synagogue, Germany

“Laughter and Tears”
Enchanting folk tales and legends from the Jewish tradition,
both ancient and modern.

“Why Spiders Hide in Corners”
and other stories of various cultures
and other favorite stories of Brother Grimm
“Made in the USA”
Favorite stories from my homeland
“One Day, one Night”
and other native american stories
“Circus on the Streets”
A program of Sarah's family stories set in the colorful
Lower East Side of New York City in the 1920's and 30's.
Colorful and memorable, plus lots of fun!
These are stories which Sarah wrote about her family's life during the 1930's and early 1940's in the immortal Lower East Side. The show is filled with local color and nostalgia touching on such things as street life ("circus on the streets"), Coney Island and classic radio programs. There are also colorful characters like Sarah's father Hyman ("the tailor from coast to coast") and her cousin, Chaim, "the terror of the Lower East Side". The show is a wonderful mixture of laughter and poignancy. For adults and children over 10 yrs.
“Dinner for 4”
A imaginary “Dinner” Conversation about life and arts
with Edgar Allen Poe, Frida Kahlo and Oscar Wilde
Stories for the Holidays
Unforgettable programs of holiday storytelling
Halloween, Xmas, Jewish Celebrations,
Birthday Parties and other events.
Please ask for more programs.
All stories told with great enthusiasm and knowledge by someone who has been there many times!

Audio Sample Jewish Stories and more Sarah Stein Sinntal

View 10 minute video of Sarah
on You Tube “Circus on the Street”

Sarah Stein, Member of International Storytelling Network
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