Sarah Stein Storyteller Geschichtenerzählerin  36391 Sinntal Schwarzenfels Germany

"Your Storytelling was one of the highlights of the day."
Assistant Director, Portland Art Museum
"You capitivated both the children and the adults."
      Candy Bertelson, Former Head of Children's Library, Multnomah County
"Your wonderful talent was greatly appreciated and your
stories were a memorable delight."
             Marie Sweeney, Organizer, Trillium Festival, Tryon Creek State Park
"I've had six people call to tell me how much they loved
your stories and how hard they laughed."
                              Rebecca Cohen, Stories By the Sea Festival Coordinator
"One of the workshop attendees, was in the library this
morning raving about you. She had this dazed look on
her face and took everything we had that was on your
bibliography. You really got her excited."
                              Rebecca Cohen, Stories By the Sea Festival Coordinator
"Many, many thanks for sharing your time and talent with
the children. You have a wonderful way with young people."
                       Marti De Bonny, Volunteer Services, Providence Medical Center

Sarah Stein Impressions

Sarah Stein specializes in telling stories to children and families,
but adults also enjoy her stories.

Sarah Stein, Member of International Storytelling Network
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 Storyteller Sarah Stein, Gelnausen, Germany
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